The fish leather technology

Fishing can be called one of the earliest production activities of mankind. The twentieth century is characterized by the rapid development of fishing and fish processing enterprises. Thus the enterprises of the fishing industry were facing the problem what to do with waste after fish processing. Processing of fish waste is particularly important, as it […]

The field of use of fish leather.

The field of use of fish leather is very extensive. Although fish leather is a rare exotic one, it confidently takes its place not only on the podiums and fashion houses, but also in our daily lives. Each skin has its own individual pattern. Due to the variety of textures and colors, fish skin is […]

What is Leather hardness?

He characteristics of sturgeon leather depend on the purpose it will be used for. For example, dense and tough leather is more suitable for the interior design purposes, medium-hard leather will be the best option for shoes, and semi-soft leather for small leather goods. We emphasize 7 categories of stiffness: On the video you can […]