The cost of sturgeon leather depends on the size of the skin and is calculated on the basis of the price per 1 dm2 (1 ft2).

    • 1dm2 (10×10 cm) – 10€
    • 1 ft2 (30,48Х30,48 cm) – 92,90€

Sturgeon Leather REV211


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Made by hand in Portugal

Color: Black
Length: 100 mm
Thickness range: 1 mm
Average size (dm2): 0.9 dm2
Temper: semi-soft
The surface of sturgeon leather has a smooth and natural grain, covered with scutes of different shapes and sizes. The technologies we developed for sturgeon processing allow us to preserve all the natural beauty of this fish leather type.
Pre-cut sturgeon leather pieces are ready for you to use and make the process of creating your perfect wallet easier.

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