The field of use of fish leather.

The field of use of fish leather is very extensive. Although fish leather is a rare exotic one, it confidently takes its place not only on the podiums and fashion houses, but also in our daily lives. Each skin has its own individual pattern. Due to the variety of textures and colors, fish skin is of great interest for designers of clothing, footwear and accessories. Since the technology used is environmentally safe, this skin can be used for sewing products for children and people who are allergic to certain types of mammalian skin. Fish skin can be successfully combined with various types of fabrics, furs and knitwear.

Shoes made of this skin are hardwearing, it is water resistant and it “breathes well”. Today, fish skin is also an element of interior decoration. You can use leather to decorate furniture. Fragments of different leather look great in the interior. Fish leather is used in the manufacture of paintings, wall panels, vases and other decor elements. This skin is also perfect for making leather goods: bags, wallets, belts, briefcases and much more.

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