The fish leather technology

Fishing can be called one of the earliest production activities of mankind. The twentieth century is characterized by the rapid development of fishing and fish processing enterprises. Thus the enterprises of the fishing industry were facing the problem what to do with waste after fish processing. Processing of fish waste is particularly important, as it is directly related to the problem of ecology.

The invention of new fish-cutting equipment in the market and the steady demand of the population for fish fillets contribute to their significant increase. Thus, a new material appears on the market of raw materials – mechanically removed skins of fish. At the same time, the chemical tanning industry also makes a huge step in its development. A wide variety of chemical materials makes it possible to produce ecologically clean fish of high quality in a very wide range.

The time has come when use of fish skin becomes more profitable in terms of economy when it is a separate and independent direction in the world light industry. Only technology is needed that makes it possible to turn the waste of the fish processing industry into a beautiful, high-quality and economically profitable product.

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