What is Leather hardness?

He characteristics of sturgeon leather depend on the purpose it will be used for. For example, dense and tough leather is more suitable for the interior design purposes, medium-hard leather will be the best option for shoes, and semi-soft leather for small leather goods.

We emphasize 7 categories of stiffness:

  • Very soft
  • Soft
  • Semi soft
  • Medium
  • Semi stiff
  • Stiff
  • Very stiff

On the video you can see the semi-soft leather. Sturgeon leather of this category is suitable for haberdashery and accessories.

A sheet of leather over the entire plane has an uneven thickness, therefore, when calibrating the skin, the thickness is indicated in a range, for example, 3-3.5 mm.

We produce sturgeon leather with different characteristics and depending on the purpose you will use it for, we will offer you the best (most suitable) option!

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